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It depends on your style of play. If you are first timer, it will take you some time to understand the mechanics of the game, understand what it takes to grind your character quickly and which characters are important for your party. Remember ther.

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Xenogears is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console. The debut entry in the wider Xeno franchise, it was released in Japan in February 1998, and in North America in October the same year.

Let's Play Xenogears #039 – Fallen Angel – YouTube – Let’s Play "Xenogears" Part 22 – Nortune’s D Block – duration: 39:44. aulddragon 4,409 views

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The first time you play Xenogears it will take anywhere from 60 to 80 hours. It’s a long game. Most of the game is on the first disc.

I don’t know of a site dedicated to listing the lengths of games, but reviews usually state how long it will take a person to beat the game so you can just check the review articles for each game.

How many days did it take you to complete the game. – I have you all beat!! In anticipation for the Xenosaga I beat the game in two fternoon(25 hours). I pretty much skipped getting any extra’s and barely trained anyone I just wanted to have a.

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Xenogears is a science-fiction RPG by SquareSoft for PlayStation. The main writer and mastermind behind the game is Tetsuya Takahashi, who later also became known for the xenosaga series and, more recently, Xenoblade Chronicles. The game is considerably long, even for an RPG, taking 60-80 hours to beat. It is a considerable investment of time.

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