how long to beat trails of cold steel

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I loved trails in the sky alot, and everything is almost if not better than that tier that TiTS plateaud on. The music is outstanding, the movement and battle mechanics are spot on. Now with that out of the way, exactly how long is Cold Steel.

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I have been playing The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel for some time. SC spoiler. But I find all the fights hard. I need to weaken and retry almost all the time, especially the boss fights. I chose the normal difficulty. Is there a way to switch to easy? I don’t want to play from the beginning.

Linked: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of cold steel trophy guide Welcome to the world of The Legend of Heroes. Trails of Cold Steel’s gameplay is similar to the previous titles in the Kiseki series, but this installment introduces a new system called "Tactical Link".

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – final battles (nightmare), Ending & Platinum Trophy – Duration: 48:56. Timodus 29,780 views

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Taking place on the same continent as the fan favorite Trails in the Sky offshoot of Nihon Falcom’s storied The Legend of Heroes franchise, Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no Kiseki in Japanese) is the first in the series to tread Erebonian soil and explore the inner political conflicts of this oft-mentioned powerhouse nation in detail. Delve into.

See the following sub-pages for the list of quests in Trails of Cold Steel, sorted per chapter. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Final Chapter

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