how long to beat the mage’s tale

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The Mage’s Tale. 357 likes. The Mage’s Tale is a VR RPG dungeon crawler for the Oculus Touch and THC Vive, developed by inXile Entertainment. Coming to.

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The Mage’s Tale is a first person virtual reality dungeon crawler role-playing video game developed and published by inXile Entertainment in partnership with Oculus VR. It is a spin-off of The Bard’s Tale, set before the events The Bard’s Tale IV.

Mage’s tale features 10 dungeons for you to explore on your quest to find Mage Alguin. So far, we’ve explored only one, and it’s taken us about two hours. inXile Entertainment said that it.

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The Mage's Tale is one of VR's biggest games yet | PC Gamer – The Mage’s Tale is one of VR’s biggest games yet. The Mage’s Tale is one of the first VR games I’ve played that feels like the full package. It separates itself from the multiplayer shooters and shorter showcases the Vive and Rift are currently known for with a long campaign (over 10 hours), dungeons to explore, spellcrafting and leveling.

We don’t have an exact release date or price yet, but The Mage’s Tale is expected to launch this year in 2017 for the Oculus Rift with Touch. UploadVR will be going hands-on with the game at.

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The Mage’s Tale Review: A VR Dungeon Crawl RPG 30 Years In The Making. Not only is the game being created by one of the original luminaries of the genre, Brian Fargo’s inXile Entertainment, but it actually takes place in the same universe as The Bard’s Tale too, right between the third and (upcoming) fourth installment.

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