how long to beat moonlighter

I noticed that one of the trophies for the game was to beat it in under 10 hours. I’m wondering if they’ve said anything about how long the typical gamer would take to beat the game? I’m super hyped about this game but I also like games that take like 25+ hours to beat so it feels like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

As Moonlighter is a rogue-lite game, a lot of people are probably interested in how the rogue-lite mechanics factor into the game. When you are ready to enter the dungeons you choose one of the unlocked dungeon types you would like to enter. You start the game with one dungeon open and after you beat a dungeon the next dungeon is opened up for you.

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As the owner of the Moonlighter, Will gets his own wares by slaying monsters in the mysterious dungeons near his hometown. As he ventures deeper into the dungeons, the story starts to unravel.

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Moonlighter looks fantastic, like a classic SNES game. The bosses are screen filling and fun. For me all of this goal oriented and various gameplay added up to constant enjoyment. The worst part about Moonlighter was that after 15+ hours, I beat the final boss and now I want more!!

 · After a long day at a boring job, it’s only natural to want to do something that really energizes you, like cooking, painting, working on your novel, or risking your life in a dungeon full of poisonous slimes and sentient statues. Moonlighter lets players tackle both the day job and the daring dungeon delve side [.]

The Moonlighting Time Crunch and How To Beat It.. It’s tough being a moonlighter, as many of you reading this know only too well. Here are some ideas to help you beat the time crunch.. You can’t be too obvious about it, of course, but so long as you’re on top of your work responsibilities.

Hollow Knight Review Moonlighter review | Rock Paper Shotgun – It took a little while to get going, but goodness me I’m hooked on Moonlighter now. Take a good dose of rogue-lite action-RPG, add in permanence of equipment, and then delicately smother in a shopkeeping sim. It’s a game about raiding dungeons at night, then working in the days to sell the loot.

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