how long to beat dokapon kingdom

Dokapon kingdom is super easy to play, simple and fast, but so addicting! And the fun keeps on going when you have friends to play with! This is such a perfect game for friends, close and otherwise, to bond.

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Unlike most RPGs, Dokapon Kingdom was designed to be played with multiple people, and very competitively. Though it can be difficult to amass a group of people together long enough to play a 40+ game, if you can pull it off, it’s definitely fun. Dokapon is a unique hybrid experience, and, with the right kind of friends, it’s a blast. Oh, and-play with your friends.

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Kinda tutorial on how to play Dokapon with your friends online (self.gamegrumps) submitted 5 years ago * by CanniCake. Heyo guys! Just from the first episode of GG playing Dokapon i just had the feeling i had to play that game. However being a Wii game and local only i had some trouble getting.

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Dokapon Kingdom took things to a whole new level. Instead of just being a simple board game where you roll dice and wander a board, the game threw in some serious RPG elements as well.

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