final fantasy 7 how long to beat

im an hour and 15 mins in, how long is disc 1? and as well i suppose discs 2 and 3?. FINAL FANTASY VII.. It will most likely take you 15-20 hours to beat Disc One, depending on how fast you play.

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And JRPGs have a habit of being long and at times convoluted. So if you are playing FF7 for the first time then to complete it will take 39-40.

How long is each disc? – Final Fantasy VII Message Board for. – The second disc is not that long. Again, depending on your grinding, it is going to take around 10 hours. Some late-game side quests can be done in the end of disc 2. The purpose of the last disc is to enter the final dungeon and beat the boss, so it is about 5 hours. However, there are a couple of side quests that most people like to do on disc 3.

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Long recognized as role-playing games par excellence, the Final Fantasy series gets a technological makeover in this installment (and series debut on the PlayStation). Shedding the two-dimensional graphics and limited sound capabilities of its predecessors, Final Fantasy VII features lush 3-D graphics, beautifully animated "movie" sequences.

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The answer regarding how long to beat Final Fantasy 15 will differ depending on your playstyle, but you can power your way through the entire game in less than 48 hours.. According to IGN, you’re looking at 40 hours of gameplay to complete main objectives and some sidequests if you don’t do too much wandering around.

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